New Year, New Perspective


This year, I want to be present. I want to live and I want to be. I want to fully experience every moment, every high and every low. I want to move away from this idea of perfection and move into becoming more and more of myself. Dr. Seuss once said, You are you. Isn’t that pleasant? So yes, this year, I will be present; I will be my imperfect self and I will be there for every moment of my imperfect life. Will you?

Be Still


“The best way to clear up muddy water is to let it be still.”

At this point in the year, we’re all kind of in muddy water. We’ve been stirred up – from school, work, dropping temperatures, you name it. Just take a second to feel what you’re truly feeling, not what you should be or want to be feeling. Feel the frustration and the fatigue and the discomfort. Acknowledge that it’s there. Let it stay. Let it be.  

We’re not supposed to be happy and walking around like a ball of sunshine everyday – it’s OK to feel straight up crappy. But don’t ignore how you’re feeling; the first part to finding the bright side is acknowledging that you are so not seeing it right now. Be still, and let your muddy water settle.