A few years ago, I kind of dove headfirst into the world of overnight oats and Saturday morning yoga. And I loved it. Throughout this journey to find peace and stability, I’ve stumbled across a whole lotta happiness and a surprisingly great deal of balance. This website is my way of sharing what I can.


I see myself as a young and vibrant (but occasionally emotionally unstable) woman caught between the Midwest and Montreal. I am enthusiastic about nearly everything, have tendencies to indulge my ego (rollin’ with it), and can’t kill a spider on my own. I am a frequent user of parentheses and exclamation points (!!!!). I love sunshine (get sad without it), yoga, running, movies, and Milk Duds. Essentially, I have this huge love for life and a knack for spelling, the result being this blog.
I so hope that GranolaGrace can be a place of inspiration and a source of light for as many as possible. All I wanna do is spread some bliss, get you movin’, and show you how capable you are of success.