Day 11: Try a new recipe


Typically my meals go something like this: muesli & yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich and snack-food for lunch, some more snacks, brown rice/protein/roasted veggies for dinner, and sometimes a snack after that. Today, I kept it all the same really, but mixed up my dinner and tried a new recipe! And it wasn’t bland! It was full of flavor and I even have leftovers! Yippee!

What I made: One-pan (yes, that’s right, less dishes to clean after) pesto chicken and veggies

How to do it: Heat up a pan on the stove top and cook the chicken (as much as you want of it, really) with a wee bit of olive oil. Once it’s pretty well cooked, toss in as much pesto sauce as you’d like! Let that simmer for a couple of minutes before tossing in asparagus, cut-up cherry tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes. And then honestly, just let that cook for about 10 to 15 minutes, occasionally mixing things up with a spatula. That’s pretty much it! I didn’t add in any carbs, but the idea of putting the dish on top of a bed of quinoa sounds amazing—and now I might have to try that tomorrow!!

It was really fun to make something new for dinner, a meal that I never care about or put much effort into. (Note to self: remember that.)

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