Day 9: Try something new


I can’t believe I did this, but I truly tried something new today: I let my friends cut my hair. I went out, bought a pair of hair scissors, and handed them right over (after watching hilarious BuzzFeed videos where friends cut each other’s hair and completely botch it). I sat down in a chair facing away from my pals, and quite literally gave up all control. And let me tell ya, it was so fun. The gal who cut it—Elena—did a wonderful job.

Today wasn’t just about “letting your friends cut your hair,” though; it was truly about letting someone else take the reigns, albeit for 20 minutes. As much as I’m a type B, there are certain aspects of myself that scream type A, and having someone cut your hair (on a whim) really brings out those parts. But I went with it, I rolled with it, and I am definitely planning on doing things like this more often.

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