Day 7: Meditate


I once read about the quietest room in the world, where you could apparently hear every sound your body made, where you could hear your own heart beat. And apparently, every person to go into the room could only spend a few minutes in there, because it was so overwhelming to hear so much. I’m sure we can all relate. Sometimes the last thing we want is to hear how we’re really doing. 

This past week has come with quite a few ups, but quite a few downs as well. It’s been a little rough. The last thing I wanted to do today was sit and be with my breath; I didn’t want to feel how I was really feeling. But I did. I sat on my floor with my back against a wall, crossed my legs, put my hands in my lap, and just breathed. I closed my eyes, and just breathed. I felt the week’s worth of ups and downs, and I breathed.

Breath has a lot of power—albeit sometimes intimidating—and it’s a tool that we’ve got with us all of the time, but that we don’t often use. I’m setting a personal goal this coming week, and that’s to turn to my breath more. To sit with myself and breathe through it all.

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