Day 4: Stretch all the muscles in my body

HAPPINESS, Uncategorized

Today’s task: stretch it out. Looking at my steps for the day—2,060 by the way, I didn’t even make it outside today—I realized I actually could use some stretching. My limbs could really use some moving.

I thought to myself, oh, I’ll just pull up a YouTube video and do some yoga. But then thirty minutes passed by. And then an hour. And then another hour. And then I was feeling really sleepy (while being simultaneously invested in watching The Bold Type). However, I did it. Not the yoga, no, just the stretching. I sat on my floor with my computer in front of me, streaming my new favorite show, and I actively stretched as many muscles as I could. It took, what, five minutes? And I was still my lazy self.

So, today I think I realized that acts of self-care don’t have to be grand gestures—and they don’t have to be glamorous. You don’t have to own a Lululemon yoga mat and you don’t have to shoot back apple cider vinegar every morning (I sure as heck skipped that today). Self-care looks different to everyone; today, mine looked like me realizing I needed to move, and acting on it. That’s literally it. I knew that it wasn’t all face-masks-and-movie-nights, but part of me didn’t really feel it until today.

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