Monday meditation

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I came up with the title for this post first, and now I’ve got to decide what I should actually write it about. An actual meditation? Meditating on the concept of Mondays? A new trend that I wish to take part in? I’m not quite sure. 

I remember on January 1st of this year, I woke up only to realize that I hadn’t made any resolutions. So, I quickly jotted one down: Meditate everyday. And now, it’s February 26th, and I’ve meditated only a handful of times. (Oops.) It’s really the first year that I haven’t taken my resolution(s) so seriously, and ya know what, I don’t have the energy to really care about it.

However, I must say that meditating is cool and great and awesome for your mind; it’s about taking the time to connect to your innermost self. I kind of like to think of it as tuning an instrument: What sounds off? What sounds good? How can we make it sound or feel a bit better? Here I am, now, on a Monday—the most dreaded day of the week for most of us—feeling way out of tune. I just don’t sound right

I think it’s time to meditate!!!

(For this post, I’m just going to dive straight into how I like to go about it, and then a short and sweet meditation that I often turn to in times of tuning.)

Set up your space: Where you meditate certainly has an effect. If you’re inside, dim the lights (or turn them completely off), and sit up against a wall or dresser, with a comfy pillow right under your tailbone. You don’t have to become a human pretzel, but try to gently cross your legs and press your knees to the ground to really root yourself. Alternatively, you can meditate outside! The idea is pretty much the same, find a comfy way to sit and preferably something to sit against (you don’t want to be thinking about back pain while you’re trying to calm yourself). 

Close your eyes: Not really sure if there’s a scientific explanation behind this, but I feel like when I close my eyes, my other senses are heightened. (Ok. I’m sure there is some explanation for this.) But for me, this is the most important part of a meditation; when you close your eyes, you are forcing yourself to feel, whether that’s literal or figurative. 

Breathe normally: No need to go into details here. Just don’t force yourself to breathe a specific way (unless that is part of the meditation). 

Get into it: Once you are all comfy and settled into your spot and self, flex/tense up all of the muscles in your body. Squeeze them and hold it, and feel them exhaust a bit. And then, starting from your toes and moving up, release the tension; relax them one-by-one. If it helps, imagine a white light is guiding the relaxation, moving upward as you go. Once you’ve gone from head to toe, squeezing then releasing, just sit and breathe. Feel what you need to. Relax what you didn’t even know you needed to. Take the time to really connect with yourself. It’s a Monday. We all could use a little peace and silence. 




One thought on “Monday meditation

  1. I love this Grace. Thank you! I’m not sure how many people have found what you are talking about to be one of the greatest things to give ones’ self. Morning meditation and mindful prayer in a quiet place helps me connect spiritually and to myself. Being grateful as soon as you wake up in the morning and finding that quiet corner to set your intentions of the day is my morning fuel. Thanks for sharing who you are!


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