Make Every Morning Sacred


I love mornings. Sometimes I really don’t like the sound of my alarm and other times I’m not a fan of those first five minutes in half-asleep limbo land, but once I am up, life is awfully beautiful. Especially now that it’s the end of November, when the sun is up at six and you’re in bed fourteen hours later, it’s so important to try to start each day on a good note. Learn to say peace-out to yesterday and get ready to greet the prospects of the present! Even if you wanna stay in bed a little longer, try incorporating at least one of these five practices into your morning and it will help set the tone for a most beautiful day and a prosperous end of the year:

  • Hot coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa. On a chilly and probably groggy morning, we need something that wakes us up but that still hugs our insides (my go-to varies between hot water with lemon or cinnamon tea with vanilla soy milk). Make something that makes you happy to greet the day (food does a good job, too).
  • Stretch it out. There’s nothing your body and mind will thank more for than a few moments to focus on your breath and just feel. Checking social media and email first thing only serves as a distraction from how we’re feeling. It’s okay if you’re feelin’ annoyed (shouts out to the non-morning people), anxious, sad, you name it. But take the time to acknowledge this and to breathe through it. Stretch your legs and welcome the day.
  • Thank yourself. Gratitude is important on so many levels, but often times we neglect to thank our bodies and minds for what they can do. In the shower, in front of a mirror, or on your mat, take a moment and thank your legs for supporting your body and your heart for supporting your dreams.
  • Say hello to the sun. Whether you interpret this as sun salutations or opening your window, welcome some sunshine into your morning. Leave your curtains open and wake naturally as the sun rises. Don’t wake up in a box of darkness. Let some sun into your room and into your heart.
  • Three-minute party. Before heading out the door, shake it out. Put on your favourite tune and just let go. Jump up and down. Sway. Tap your feet. Move your body along to a song that wakes you up. Feel that energy as you move through your day.

Not every morning is going to be super-duper, but aim to make each one a peaceful start to your day and the rest will follow.

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