Self-Care Sunday


I’d prefer things to be sunshine and starry nights all the time, but I know that life doesn’t work like that. And I know that this next month is going to be horrible – assignments, essays, last minute this and that, and of course, finals. So that’s why it’s even more important to make some time for yourself and show yourself some love. Acknowledge how crappy life is at the moment and do something to make yourself feel a little bit better. Here’s some self-care tips to keep your mind and body happy and healthy over these next four weeks:

  • Paint your nails and make that face mask from Pinterest
  • Make some tea and watch a documentary – I highly recommend Celestial Seasonings’ Bengal Spice + Before the Flood
  • Go on a long walk and just breathe (or listen to a podcast about stuff they never told you in history class)
  • Do yoga – roll out your mat and flow like your body wants you to
  • Read a good book – Dan Brown, Nicholas Sparks, whatever makes your heart sing
  • Sleep in without an alarm #treatyoself
  • Listen to relaxing music or throw yourself a dance party
  • Call someone you love and talk ‘til you can’t anymore
  • Journal – write your worries down and leave them on the paper
  • Window shop during this lovely holiday season
  • Clean your room – having a tidy space will help ya foster a tidy mindset

Honestly, the list could go on forever. But these are a few of my favorite things – you can still spend the whole day at the library engulfed in a paper on the Suez Crisis, but you can also take an hour or two to put the stress to the side and love yourself. Love your mind, love your body, and they will help you make it to winter break. At least I am so hoping I make it to that.

P.S. good luck on exams to all the studes out there!

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