Find Your Happy Place


We all have a happy place. Whether it’s looking at the stars on the Carolina shores or hiking under the hot summer sun, we’ve all got someplace to think of fondly. Everyone has that place that warms them up and makes them smile. And in stressful times – midterms, papers, presentations, you name it – it’s so important to be able to close your eyes and find even a moment of peace.

So think about your happy place – it can be a physical location or it could even be a memory. You can even imagine yourself doing something relaxing, like taking hot bath with a good book in hand. Pick something that is close to the heart, something special. And close your eyes. Take in your surroundings in every sense, and then slowly try to quiet them. Picture yourself in that happy place, in that certain memory or certain image you’ve created. Feel the waves roll over your toes, your grandma’s hand brush your hair back, the sticky cookie dough from the sweets you’re making. Let your mind take you to this place that is so far away from the stress and the worry and the pressure. And let yourself relax.  

Going to a happy place can seem like a distraction, but I’d argue otherwise. When life starts getting ahead of you, closing your eyes and focusing only on good thoughts will allow you to re-enter your chaotic reality with a heightened sense of awareness and increased readiness for anything life might bring your way. Plus, it acts as a reminder that good times come and go. You might be in a rough place now, but remember that it’s not forever.

Your happy place is always with you. While a physical location might be thousands of miles away, you’ve got one right in your noggin’.

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