A Yoga Sequence to Open Your Heart


It’s Tuesday but it feels like it should be Friday. I know, I feel it too. Take a deep breath, put on some of your favorite tunes, and try out this yoga sequence to open your heart and embrace the week. You can stick to just this sequence, or you can add in whatever you heart desires!

1. Mountain Pose – stand tall, eyes closed, palms facing forwards. Feel the earth below you.

yoga 1.JPG

2. Breathe deeply, bringing your hands through heart center.

3. Chair pose – big toes together and heels slightly apart, sit back on your heels with your arms overhead, shoulders relaxed.

yoga 3.JPG

4. Prayer twist – lower your hands through heart center, pressing your palms into each other. Hook your right elbow onto your left knee, keeping your hips and knees aligned. Look up past your right elbow and stay with your breath. Repeat this on the left side.

yoga 4.JPG

5. Downward-facing dog – straighten your legs and fold over them, touching your hands to the ground. Come halfway up with your hands on your shins to lengthen the spine, then fold over again. Plant your palms and step your feet back, coming into down dog.

yoga 6.JPG

6. Crescent lunge – Lift your left leg up into the sky, hips square. Then step your leg through, placing your foot in between your hands. Lift your right heel super high, using your leg strength to come up fully. Lift your arms overhead, shoulders relaxed.

yoga 8.JPG

7. Crescent lunge with open twist – keeping your lower body still, turn left from your torso, opening your arms wide. Stay here for a few breaths feeling your muscles work to support you.

yoga 9.JPG

8. Warrior II – cartwheel your hands, flipping your palms down towards the ground, and plant your right heel on the ground. Widen your stance if you need to, and lunge forward so that your left knee is directly over your left ankle. Turn your gaze towards your left fingertips.


9. Triangle – straighten your left leg, shift your hips back, and reach your left fingertips forwards. Lightly plant your hand onto your left shin, opening your body to the right.


10. Center fold – come back up using the strength of your legs. Flip your toes forward, feet parallel to each other. Interlock your fingers behind your back, opening your chest. Bend forward, hinging from the hips. Let your arms hang, fingers still interlocked.


11. Half moon – release your hands from behind your back and walk your fingertips to the right. Come up onto your right foot, stacking the left hip and leg on top. Plant your right hand a foot or to in front of your body for balance. For a challenge, shift your gaze to your left fingertips and you extend your left arm directly towards the sky.


That was just one side, so repeat it on the other, starting from downward facing dog. Stay in the poses as long as you want, getting a good stretch. I hope this week is beautiful – open your heart and feel it all.

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