Be Still


“The best way to clear up muddy water is to let it be still.”

At this point in the year, we’re all kind of in muddy water. We’ve been stirred up – from school, work, dropping temperatures, you name it. Just take a second to feel what you’re truly feeling, not what you should be or want to be feeling. Feel the frustration and the fatigue and the discomfort. Acknowledge that it’s there. Let it stay. Let it be.  

We’re not supposed to be happy and walking around like a ball of sunshine everyday – it’s OK to feel straight up crappy. But don’t ignore how you’re feeling; the first part to finding the bright side is acknowledging that you are so not seeing it right now. Be still, and let your muddy water settle.

Be the love. Whenever you feel a lack of love and support, it’s easy to feel as if those close to you are letting you down. But often times, when we feel this way, it’s usually because we aren’t showing ourselves enough of those things. Instead of expecting others to lift you up, show yourself some love – take time to check in on yourself and try to appreciate the wonderful things that your mind and body can do. Self love can be so challenging, but if you can learn to give yourself what you need, it can be pretty radical.

Meditate. Try it out for as little as two minutes – be it in the morning or the evening, set a cushion under your tailbone and cross your legs so that your knees are touching the ground (or as close as you can get to that). Palms facing up, close your eyes and focus on your breathe. Feel your energy (or lack of).

Take a freakin’ break. Yes, going to the gym and eating your veggies is absolutely important – but you’re doing that to take care of yourself, so rest when you need to. Eat chocolate on some days, salads on others. Hit the gym, but don’t drain your battery; that’s just stirring yourself up.

Say “thank you”. Some days are super crappy. That’s life. But you’ve got a choice to let it get to you or to let it teach you – life either happens to you or for you; you decide. Give the universe the occasional shoutout for those learning experiences, and send as much love into the world as you can. What you give is what you get (except on the sucky days).

With that said, take this week day by day. There will be stress and things will feel tough, but know that you won’t be standing in muddy water forever. Be still, and let it pass.

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