The Power of Setting Intentions



It’s turning “I want to” into “I will”. It’s recognizing that your existence brings energy to this world, and it’s up to you to figure out what to do with it. Will you be strong today? Will you be patient with yourself? Will you see not only with your eyes but also with your heart? What will you do? What will you be?

What are your intentions for today?

Often times, we wake up and begrudgingly greet the day. Like, oh, it’s you again. I only have to get through the next twelve hours of you. And honestly, it’s kind of sad. Because when you wake up each morning, you’re given an opportunity to change your world as well as someone else’s. Maybe it’s smiling at a stranger or maybe it’s smiling at your body in the mirror, but you’ve got to do something each day that adds to your life. And really, it’s quite simple.

Start by thinking about what you want to do with your energy today. Visualize it happening. Take a second to think about how exactly you intend to carry it out, and voila – greet your day with a specific purpose. Setting intentions is like mini-goal-making combined with a mini-meditation. It’s an aim at growth that continues throughout the day. Whenever the stress, anxiety, or frustration at who-knows-what kicks in, turn your mind back to your intention. Breathe. You can get there.

Just like any kind of skill, this one needs practice. You can’t just sit on a meditation cushion and zen out for an hour; you’ve got to put effort into this day by day. It’s so easy to let your mind slip away and forget about your promise to be kind to all, but if you begin to set intentions each day, you’ll begin to feel the magic. It’s a simple tool for making massive transformations. The more you practice, the more you will grow.

Here are some general intentions to start with:

  • I will be strong in both my mind and my body
  • I will welcome each challenge as an opportunity to grow
  • I will be gentle and patient with myself
  • I will listen to and learn from
  • I will open my heart and be vulnerable

The more you practice setting your intentions, the more you’ll know what you need and want out of it. We’re all learning and growing and becoming; don’t be scared to start your own journey.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Setting Intentions

  1. I have started teaching at a new school this year and I have been trying to do some of what you are talking about. My days are going great and I am trying very hard to be patient not only with my students but with myself as well!! Listening and learning are key for me this year! Love reading this:))


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