Day 11: Try a new recipe

Typically my meals go something like this: muesli & yogurt for breakfast, a sandwich and snack-food for lunch, some more snacks, brown rice/protein/roasted veggies for dinner, and sometimes a snack after that. Today, I kept it all the same really, but mixed up my dinner and tried a new recipe! Continue reading

Day 7: Meditate

I once read about the quietest room in the world, where you could apparently hear every sound your body made, where you could hear your own heart beat. And apparently, every person to go into the room could only spend a few minutes in there, because it was so overwhelming to hear so much. I’m sure we can all relate. Sometimes the last thing we want is to hear how we’re really doing.  Continue reading

Day 6: Research an unfamiliar topic

I’m not quite sure why this task was included in the challenge, but I guess it’s always good to expand one’s boundaries! So today, I researched the history of glitter. Random, fun, reminded me of my childhood. But there are a lot of other topics out there that I (and maybe you) should check out—topics that bring us out of our comfort zone and encourage growth. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new passion.